Outdoor Boudoir & Mermaid Photos in Clarksville, TN

Remember earlier this fall when I began offering women's mermaid photos here in Clarksville, Tennessee? It was really rewarding to not only see a creative project that I'd been envisioning in my head come to life, but for it to have such a positive response as well! Just because we're adults doesn't mean we can't embrace our inner mermaids, right?

I often ask my clients, "How do you dream of being photographed?"

For Miss C, it was an easy answer. Like many of us, she's grown up loving and having such a connection to the Disney classic The Little Mermaid. When she saw my post about women's mermaid sessions, she was one of the first to email me and reserve her spot. I'm so happy she did because I could not be more proud of this shoot!

Miss C is a mom of two boys, two rottweilers, and fiancé to one amazing gentleman. It was seriously so fun getting in the water with her to create our amazing mermaid session! On a whim, at the end of our photo shoot Miss C took the opportunity for a quick outfit change and we snapped some outdoor boudoir portraits with the sunlight shining down on us at the edge of the river. 

The lighting, the water, that hair (!), Miss C herself... everything was beautiful and the photos are incredible. Because of the milder weather here in Clarksville, Tennesee, as a photographer I'm lucky that we have an extra long season to do shoots outside, because this outdoor boudoir and mermaid session has me longing to photograph even more!

These portraits are such a testament to Miss C's inherent beauty and I loved helping her show off her sultry and sweet side with a dash of mermaid mystique.