3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Pet

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm definitely a dog lover, so I admit this blog post mayyyy just be an excuse to look back through some of the most adorable photos I've ever taken, but at least they're guaranteed to put a smile on your face! As a dog mom myself, I definitely think that our furry family members can be included in family photos and love it when my clients mention their four-legged babies during their consultation.


When it comes time to actually take photos, however, our pets don't always cooperate as easily as we might hope. As a family photographer here in Clarksville who loves doing sessions outdoors and in-studio, I've learned a few tricks about photographing dogs and wanted to share some tips to make it easier when you're trying to capture that perfect shot of your pup.

1. Let your pet get familiar with your phone or camera

Have you ever tried to get a pic or video of your pet doing the cutest thing but as soon as you grab your phone he gets all shy? This is especially true for photographers working with a DSLR camera and lens combo. Oftentimes dogs are scared of "this thing" being held right up in their faces and/or the noise the shutter makes, so they clam up as soon as you're finally able to take the shot. I always start off with letting the dog smell the camera and see/hear me clicking the shutter so they can get familiar with it and realize it's not going to hurt them (little training treats in my pocket help with this too)! 

3 Tips for Taking Pictures with Your Pet - Clarksville TN Photographer
How to Take Good Pictures with Your Pet from D. Phillips Photography

2. Exercise your dog before your photo shoot

A tired dog is a happy dog. Cliché, but very true. Photo shoots can be stressful for dogs especially if they're not used to riding in the car, being on leash, being around strangers at the park, etc. Add in a whole bunch of new smells and sights and it's very easy for your dog to get stressed out and misbehave. Exercise is a great way to help prevent this!! A tired dog is way more relaxed and a nice bonus is that we get awesome "smiling" photos too!

How to get better photos with your dog
3 Tips for Photographing Your Dog - D. Phillips Photography

3. Get down to their level.

It's easy to forget that you're so much taller than a dog and to take all your pictures looking down at them. Switch it up and get a different perspective! Crouching down to get on their level invites the dog into your space and they're more likely to be their natural and playful selves.

Of course I couldn't end this blog post without sharing a few pictures of my own fur baby! If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen lots of stories featuring this little one. She's the best assistant and loves tagging along in the car with me to go location scouting for new spots around Clarksville & Fort Campbell.

3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Dog
3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Dog - Clarksville TN Photographer

Captured by Life by Lex Photography

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3 Tips for Taking Pictures of Your Pet - DPhillipsPhotography.com