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Tattoo Body Art Boudoir

If you’re on the fence about doing a boudoir shoot with Danielle, do it! It is the greatest experience I have ever had. You feel so free and like such a badass. Honestly I’m going to do one again before I leave Clarksville. Don’t be shy, she makes you feel so at ease and so comfortable in your own skin. I promise it’s so worth it!

I had my reveal today and I was so in love with every picture I saw.
— Ms. K

When I read what this Clarksville boudoir babe posted in our Facebook group after her boudoir session, I was absolutely floored! Her words mean so much to me, and feeling beautiful in your own skin is exactly what I try to instill in each client that I get to have in front of my camera.

I love how we were able to highlight Ms. K’s incredible tattoo body art during her photo shoot. Check out more from her boudoir session!

Body Suit Boudoir Clarksville and Fort Campbell by D. Phillips Photography
Classy Body Suit Boudoir with Tattoos in Tennessee with D. Phillips Photography
Tattoo Boudoir in Fort Campbell Kentucky - D. Phillips Photography
Natural Light Boudoir in Clarksville - D. Phillips Photography
White Sheet Session by D. Phillips Photography - Clarksville, TN
Non-Lingerie Classy Boudoir by D. Phillips Photography
Tattoo Boudoir in Clarksville - D. Phillips Photography

“You feel so free and like such a badass”

White Sheet Sessions in Fort Campbell by D. Phillips Photography
Light and Airy Boudoir - D. Phillips Photography
Fitness Boudoir by D. Phillips Photography
Gift Ideas for Him from D. Phillips Photography
Boudoir Photography in Clarksville and Fort Campbell- D. Phillips Photography
White Sheet Sessions for Boudoir by D. Phillips Photography

PS: I’m currently booking boudoir sessions for this spring and summer. Contact D. Phillips Photography to learn more!

What to Wear for Your Boudoir Shoot: Accessories Edition

When clients want to accessorize during their boudoir sessions I immediately get excited! Accessories can help to highlight your individuality during your custom boudoir photo shoot, plus they’re a great way to tie in sentimental items so we can truly personalize your photos and your experience.

What to wear in your boudoir session with D. Phillips Photography - Accessory options

Here are six accessory ideas to help give you inspiration for your next shoot with
D. Phillips Photography!

  1. A Killer Statement Necklace

    An eye catching necklace when paired with a neutral outfit can really bring elegance and beauty to your session. (See more of this bombshell’s boudoir session here)

What to wear for your next boudoir shoot with D. Phillips Photography in Clarksville Tennessee

2. Wine Glass

Because #WineNot, right? :)

Adding one of your favorite things can let your personality shine through the lens and show a fun, relaxed side of you in your element.

Accessories to bring to your next boudoir session with D. Phillips Photography

3. Shoes

Cinderella is proof that new shoes can change your life which is the PERFECT excuse to get a new pair for your boudoir session (or wear a pair that you never leave the house in)!

Boudoir photos in Clarksville Tennesee with D. Phillips Photography

4. Guitar

A strategically placed accessory can add mystery, seduction, and even showcase your partner’s favorite possession.

D. Phillips Photography Boudoir Accessories in Clarksville Tennessee and Fort Campbell

5. Whip

Mr. Grey will see you now…

Seriously though, my boudoir studio is a judgment-free zone! Feel free to bring along any items that show off your wild side.

Boudoir accessories in Fort Campbell and Clarksville with D. Phillips Photography

6. Motorcycle

How about your Harley Davidson motorcycle as the ultimate accessory?! Paired with leather and a sultry red lip, you’ll for sure get to show off your inner badass. (Click here to see more from this motorcycle boudoir shoot in Clarksville!)

Motorcycle boudoir with D. Phillips Photography

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