Women's Mermaid Boudoir Photography | Clarksville & Nashville TN

As a photographer, each person I photograph inspires me in their own unique way. Sometimes, however, the inspiration for a shoot comes all on its own and my sense of creativity is what takes the lead.

Earlier this summer I decided it was time to figure out how to make my dream vision come true. I was hoping to create a shoot that was a mix of fantasy and reality, a shoot that's a fun escape from the everyday, one that empowers women, one that lets them tap into their femininity, imagination, and creativity. Enter.... 

Mermaid Boudoir

Interested in becoming a mermaid for a day
and booking a photography session of your own?

Make sure to check back on Tuesday Sept. 6. I'll be announcing all the details and opening up sessions to the public! See more photos from the second half of this shoot.

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How do you dream of being photographed?