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My husband and I are living the civilian life now, but I remember the years when the USMC had so much control over our lives like it was yesterday. 

When we were dating, my husband deployed three times (Iraq, Africa, and Haiti) and I learned the hard way that each deployment is its own experience. With Memorial Day having recently passed, a close friend whose husband is overseas right now, and knowing so many of my clients whose lives are shaped around the Army, deployment has been on my mind a lot lately. 

Back when he was deployed, I was NEVER able to afford boudoir photography – it wasn’t practical for me to spend hundreds of dollars for a session fee and not even walk away with ANY digital images or products. Those were the only options I had with photographers in my area.

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Deployment and the gift of boudoir //
The ultimate deployment gift for your soldier // Fort Campbell boudoir with D. Phillips Photography

Now that I’m a photographer myself, my vision with my business is to create empowering boudoir experiences for women at a price that’s affordable without compromising on the quality of the work. My clients tell me having digital images is a huge part of what they’re looking for, so I've created a special 4th of July all-digital package that goes on sale next week!

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Why you should do boudoir photos with D. Phillips Photography
Doing a boudoir session was an eye opening experience for me. As women, we are so hard on ourselves and compare our bodies to those that we see in magazines and on TV. It was so nice to see myself the way my husband sees me, to feel 100% proud of my body and to know I wasn’t going to get back a bunch of pictures that look nothing like me.

I recommend any woman who is even considering doing this to DO IT, you will not regret it and it truly is really a fun, empowering experience!”
— Miss E.